Richwood, Pictorial Collections
Features a quick reference pictorial history of Richwood Family History which played a role in the early history of Richwood.
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W. Va. 

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Richwood WV.Richwood
Tannery Grade School
South Side Grade School
Walnut St. Grade School
Richwood Grade Shool
Milltown Grade School
Dain Grade School
Richwood Restaurants
Richwood Grade Shool
Milltown Grade School
Dain Grade School
South Side Grade School
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Monongahela National Forest

    Welcome to Richwood Pictorial Tour

  1. A little of the history of other Richwooders!       Bayless Boys, Overbaugh Boys and Family
  2. Hart Family Reunion , Woodbine, WV.!     Dedicated this page to the Hart Clan
  3. Richwood, Rigsby, Peyton, Loudermilk!   Late 1800's to the mid 30's
  4. Richwood, Peggy Ann Friend!                      Keeping Up With Former Richwooders
  5. William B. Ignatious                                        Platoon Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps!
  6. The Gainers!   Melvin "Boggie" Gainer, Pauline Bayless, Pearl Wright, and Harry Gainer are true blue Richwooders.
  7. Betty McCroskey!                                            grew up in Richwood.
  8. 41 REGISTERED NURSES!                               Richwood WEST VIRGINIA 1911 - 1933.
  9. Picture of the World War II Veterans          They were on a billboard in Richwood!
  10. Welcome to Aunt Rosa Page!                        Chaffin Family Pictures!
  11. The name Joe Cerre, Pete Potesta, Carlo Di Tosto, and Fred DeRito ring a bell with many old-time Richwooders!
  12. Richwood High School photos from 1948.    Submitted by:    Bruce Seabolt
  13. Chestnut Street, Richwood WV. 1950.  Roger & James Bunting, & Stephen & Diane Blake
  14. Images of First house in Richwood,   courtesy of Debbie Bond.
  15. Pic was taken on J.M. Ward Dairy Farm at the top of Greenbrier Road  courtesy of Jim Ward.
  16. Richwood Lumberjacks!  courtesy of Dana Tinnel.
  17. The Old Homeplace of James Hanson Loudermilk on Horse Ridge!  courtesy of Lisa Martin.
  18. 25 year veterans employees of Wallace Corporation!  courtesy of Stephen D Blake.
  19. Images for early resident pictures  courtesy of Jean Perrine Schultz

Nancy Hart


True Facts- RICHWOOD, WV
ZIP Code: 26261
State Code: WV
Time Zone: EASTERN
Latitude: 38.2
Longitude: 80.5
Median Family Income by the 2000 census $17,366

Monongahela National Forest.

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