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Looking for some beautiful scenery, healthy environment, The City of Richwood West Virginia, IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! A scenic drive offers a chance to sample the natural beauty of Monongahela National Forest, Marlinton Road and the attractions near Richwood. The most direct way to Richwood, follow WV-39 down Main Street through the heart of town.
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Welcome to the Original Richwooders Web Site

The Richwooders Web Site is my original and personal reflection on Richwood WV itself; many people might wonder Why? The key to this mystery is to keep my mind thinking, creating, learning, and having fun all at the same time and there is no limit to what you can do! The site was going to be about the Golden Age of Richwooders - fifties and sixties stuff. Since then, Richwooders kind of taken on a new life of it's own - especially the photo gallery, just a bunch of random images of Richwood WV which many Richwooders have always been fond of. The gallery is an ongoing, random collection of images from Richwood "the friendly, folksy town of the 19th-century" and the area surrounding Nicholas County, West Virginia, including the localities of LaFrank, Fenwick, Saxman, Leivasy, Craigsville, Tioga, Nettie, Holcomb, Cottle and Hominy Falls, updated on a random basis.

This site has directed the attention toward a user-friendly site, with the attention toward.
  • To spread awareness of Richwood to former Richwooders and new visitors
  • To provide links and information on Richwood W. Va. itself
  • Give former Richwooders a sense of pride where they came from and memories of a much simpler life.
  • But most importantly to keep the spirit of Richwood W. Va. alive and kicking!
It is not just another Richwood W. Va. site on search engines and there is no age limit to having fun viewing a part of past history. Select a category or link to view on the far left of the screen. As a result, comprehensive viewing of this site requires more than simply glance through quickly. I hope you enjoy this site, and are able to take away some new and old memories of Richwood West Virginia.

All the graphics on this original Richwooders web site have been a result of my own efforts. The Richwooders images (gallery, thumbs etc) where appropriate, I have acknowledged the source of material and pictures and gave credit where it is due

All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified. This site is in no way associated to the City of Richwood West Virginia or the Richwood Chamber of Commerce or anyone affiliated to the Richwood WV area. It is a product of my own efforts and my own creation.

Thank you

And who am I? Just an old West Virginia hillbilly with a bit of chauvinist. I don't watch much TV, and I don't play video games and this is much more creative than watching TV or playing computer video games! Hope you enjoy the site.

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Facts about Richwood WV and West Virginia
Cranberry Wilderness

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(1) Richwood Convention and Visitors Bureau (www.richwoodcvb.org/)
(2) Richwood Chamber of Commerce (www.richwoodchamberofcommerce.org/)
(3) Forest Wander (http://www.forestwander.com/)
Nature Pictures of plants, flowers, trees, wildlife, waterfalls, creeks, forests, and other wonders of God's creation.
(4) Richwood is also home to Cherry Hill Country Club, a nine hole golf course located on top of Hinkle Mountain.

Emergency services
The Richwood Volunteer Fire Department serves as Richwood's primary fire & rescue service since 1906 and the Richwood Police Department is the city's primary police force. The Nicholas County Sheriff Department and West Virginia State Police, which has a post located in the city, also provide police service as needed.

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